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Portugal steht auf der Liste der weltweit besten Ruhestandsziele für 2022

4 August, 2022 Allgemeine Nachrichten

Für viele im globalen Norden ist der Ruhestand eine Zeit, um sich vom Arbeitsstress zu verabschieden und einen idyllischen Ort zu entdecken, an dem Sie die Dinge ruhig angehen lassen können. Für die einen ist es ein Liegestuhl, für die anderen ein ganz anderes Land. Für die Glücklichen ist die einzige Frage … wo sie wohnen sollen?

Jeder hat seine eigene Vorstellung davon, was den perfekten Ort für den Ruhestand ausmacht, aber International Living’s 2022 Global Retirement Index may make it easier to find it.


Der jährliche Index enthält eine Liste globaler Ruhestands-Hotspots, zusammengestellt aus persönlichen Erfahrungen von Expats an jedem Ort, kombiniert mit Faktoren wie Lebenshaltungskosten, Klima, medizinische Versorgung und Bürokratie.


Eine sorgfältige Planung ist unerlässlich, da ein angenehmer Ruhestand kostspielig sein kann. Eine Umfrage von AAG ergab, dass ein Viertel der Befragten in den USA glauben, dass sie mindestens eine Million Dollar brauchen werden, um sich bequem zur Ruhe zu setzen.


Die besten Orte für Ruhestand   


Hier sind die Top-10-Ziele für den Ruhestand des Global Retirement Index für 2022.


1. Panama

Not for the first time, Panama tops the list of the world’s best places to retire. Located away from Central America’s hurricane belt, its warm tropical climate is tempered by breezes from the Pacific Ocean on one coast and the Caribbean Sea on the other.

It appears Panama has it all: friendly people, a safe living environment and excellent hospitals and medical provision within easy reach of most places. Retirees can choose from beach communities, cool mountain retreats, grassy highlands or modern city living.

Panama is one of only three carbon-negative countries in the world. The famous shipping canal has brought modern communications, infrastructure and affordable transport links to popular domestic expat destinations like Boquete in the highlands.


2. Costa Rica

A tropical climate, affordable living and medical costs, an active outdoor culture, friendly locals and sun-soaked natural beauty have made Costa Rica a magnet for retirees.

Situated between Nicaragua and Panama, this Central American nation is a stable democracy with high literacy rates and a laid-back approach to life. Citizens and residents have access to one of the highest-rated healthcare systems in Latin America, according to International Living.

The landscape ranges from beaches to lush jungle regions, covering multiple climate zones. Protected national parks and wildlife refuges cover about a quarter of the country’s landmass, providing visitors with ample opportunity to connect with nature.


3. Mexico

Located next to the southern border of the US, Mexico has long been a popular destination for North Americans looking for an affordable place in the sun. Expats can choose from a range of climates and lifestyles, which include busy beach resorts, city life and remote rural or desert hideaways.

A monthly budget of around $2,000 is enough for housing, transport and daily living expenses, but you can get by on less or spend a lot more if you choose. Applying for visas or residency is straightforward for those that meet the criteria, and the country boasts affordable and professional healthcare provision that attracts flows of medical tourism.


4. Portugal

From the old-world charm of cities like Lisbon and Porto to the sun-drenched beaches of the Algarve, Portugal has been a favourite retirement destination for some time.

The country has friendly people, low living costs, a world-class healthcare system and low crime rates, making it a safe, enjoyable and affordable place to live.

English is taught in schools and is widely spoken in some areas, and the government offers free Portuguese language courses around the country.


5. Colombia

Across the border, Colombia is more developed than Ecuador but shares many of its neighbour’s attributes. These include climate options that suit most tastes and a mix of coastline, Andes mountains and Amazon Rainforest.

Healthcare here is excellent, property and living costs are comparatively low, and the visa application process is straightforward for many nationalities. Retirees can live well for little here, among friendly people where English is widely spoken and stunning scenery.


6. Ecuador

A combination of good climate, environmental diversity and plenty of culture at an affordable price makes Ecuador one of the best places to retire for Europeans and North Americans.

Here, modern living in cities and beach communities meets untapped natural resources, including the Andes mountains, the Amazon Rainforest and the biodiversity of the nearby Galapagos Islands.

There are few places still unspoilt by global commercialism, but this is one of them. Expatriates can mingle with indigenous locals in tribal dress and live an easygoing and varied lifestyle for around $1,500-$1,825 a month.


7. France

The home of fine wine, haute cuisine and a certain…je ne sais quois, France has something for everyone: big cities, rural hideaways, mountains and sun-soaked beaches.

Residents benefit from a price-protected top-tier health system, reasonable housing costs in many regions, a rich cultural heritage and a laid-back way of life, not to mention the country’s addiction to gourmet culture.

Regions like the Dordoigne in the south-west of France have attracted British expats for many years, but more North Americans are appreciating its charms in recent years, notes International Living.


8. Malta

Surrounded by the warm waters of the southern Mediterranean Sea, the tiny islands of Malta - five in total but only two are inhabited - are a mix of Western European lifestyle with a hint of Arabic language and culture.

Summer temperatures can get hot and humid, and this isn’t the cheapest retirement destination, but the all-year sun attracts many residents who also benefit from a world-class healthcare system and plenty of outdoor sports and activities.

Both Maltese and English are widely spoken and, over the centuries, invaders from several civilizations have left their mark on the local cuisine and culture. Malta offers a mix of ancient megaliths, medieval fortresses, rocky hinterland, beaches and coastal fishing villages, with a few cities thrown in for good measure.


9. Spain

There’s more to Spain than its well-known sunny beaches, low cost of living and relaxed lifestyle. Straddling the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, the nation also has bustling historic cities, snow-covered mountains and picturesque rural landscapes.

A Mediterranean diet, excellent healthcare provision and a festival culture make this one of the best places to retire for many people from Europe, and increasingly those from North America.


10. Uruguay

Situated between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is a Spanish-speaking nation of around 3.5 million people, with warm summers and mild winters.

A range of lifestyles and living costs are on offer, including ranches and farms in the interior grasslands, tree-lined cities like Montevideo and beach towns dotted along the coastline.

Navigating visas and residency is straightforward, healthcare is cheap and accessible and there are plenty of outdoor activities, street parades and good eating available.


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